Monday, September 19, 2016

The Last Dance

I started this blog over six years ago with two goals: first, to stop hounding my family with long emails about what I thought about such and such political development; and two, to describe what the process of doing a Master’s degree was like.  As I started a PhD it seemed like a natural extension to cover what that process was like, so I kept going. 

          I’ve covered a lot of ground since then, both personally and on this blog.  I’ve done 480 posts, 312 excluding the music stuff.  It’s been a useful way for me to clarify my own thinking, and I think I’ve answered a few questions usefully.  I even got into a minor tiff with an ersatz politician.  And now, finally, I got to use the word ‘ersatz’. 

          But I’ve decided to make this post my last.  As I finish my formal education and figure out what’s next, it seems appropriate to end this blog.  I could keep doing it, without it being a great hardship to me, but I’m just ready to move on.

          I hope it’s been interesting.  Thanks for reading.      

1 comment:

  1. Dammit - I finally read regularly and now this! I've come to trust this blog for what I think is well researched political info, and have even gotten answers to topics I've specifically asked about.

    It's easy for people (like me) to read a blog like this and pass silent judgement. But I think it takes at least a little courage to write your opinions every week for all to see and possibly criticize. I'm surprised that I feel a little sad that this is coming to an end.

    Let us know what and when the next blog will be.