Friday, July 29, 2016

Song of the week: "Drake's Dad" - Arkells

I don't love this song.  That's the first thing I have to say, which may make you wonder why it's my song of the week.

Arkells are releasing a new album later this summer, and have been releasing songs in drips and drabs.  Some I've liked immediately, but it mostly seems like it'll be a different, maybe more difficult album, not an off-the-top obsession album.  For contrast, when High Noon came out, I had it on repeat for about a week.  

But, as I've talked about before with Arkells, I've grown to love every song on Jackson Square (their debut), even though for some songs it took years.  More often than not it's been a bit of lyrics that grabbed me.  And that's what I hear in "Drake's Dad," the video for which actually features Drake's dad.

In some ways I've 'grown up' with Arkells.  They're about my age, and their lyrical choices are relevant to what they're going through.  "Drake's Dad" has a line about "grown-ass men acting like boys/there's some Peter Pan shit we're trying to work out" that I can relate to.  I guess it's something about trying to recapture this.

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