Friday, April 1, 2016

Song of the week: "How you remind me" - Nickelback

April fools.  Well, sort of.

I don't particularly like Nickelback, but what I like even less are the countless easy jokes people make about Nickelback.  Are they an important band in rock history?  No, but they're not qualitatively worse than any number of other bands that were popular in the 2000s (see: Buckcherry, Hinder, Default, etc.) and in some cases, better than imitators (don't get me started on Theory of a Deadman).  Here, let me resume my feelings on critics of Nickelback with a meme:

So this one goes out to all the haterz: a song I heard about 8 billion times in 2003 and still can't stand to hear.

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