Friday, November 6, 2015

Song of the Week: "Mas Que Nada" - Sergio Mendes and Brazil '66

This week I've been revisiting Austin Powers, the 1997 Mike Myers film.  It's not quite as funny as it was when I was 12, but it still holds up.

What hasn't diminished at all is the excellent soundtrack.  I got a sudden hankering to hear it again, so I went to Youtube and listened to it seven or eight times, as is my wont.

Bossa Nova music features prominently on the soundtrack.  I don't really think about bossa nova all that much, but whenever I hear it, it draws me in.  I can't just idly listen to it: it makes bad writing music because I end up paying too much attention the the music rather that the writing.  Quincy Jones' "Soul Bossa Nova", the movie's theme, is the obvious choice, but "Mas Que Nada" is another great one off the album.

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