Friday, September 4, 2015

Song of the week: "Ahead by a Century" - The Tragically Hip

I was driving around on my birthday this week when I heard the Tragically Hip's "Ahead by a Century".  It was appropriate, because it was 19 years ago that I was first listening to that song, and liked it enough that I asked for Trouble at the Henhouse for my birthday.  That's how I wound up with my first album.

It occurred to me recently that for my niece and nephews, The Tragically Hip is their dad's music.  It was a bit of a surprise, since for so long, Trag was synonymous with Canadian rock.  To realize that their work may not be thought of as current music, or thought of at all, is... not disheartening, because these things happen, but... poignant?  The sign of a bygone time.  Maybe I'm getting overly reflective in my old age*.

Still, maybe somewhere some 10 year old is listening to Trouble at the Henhouse and having it define his taste in music for the first time.

*Why yes, that line was specifically designed to irritate you, older reader!

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