Friday, May 15, 2015

Song of the week: "Take you Away" - Matt Epp

I've posted Matt Epp on here before, and I'd normally categorize him under the folk rock-y genre that's seen a lot of entrants in the last few years.  I've been somewhat ignorant of some bigger Canadian groups that have come out in that genre recently (Dan Mangan, for instance), because while I like that kind of music, I have a limited space in my musical interest for it.  I'm never going to want to listen to 100% accoustic rock, or even 50%.

So I was glad to find that Matt Epp's most recent album has noticeable range.  It's not straying into heavy metal or anything, but there's influences from a lot of places, including "Take You Away", which has almost Leonard Cohen-esque vibe to it.


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