Friday, April 10, 2015

Album of the Week: De Blob Official Soundtrack

De Blob is an addictive Wii game with a simple premise and a killer soundtrack.  You, de blob, must save the world from the Graydians who have taken over.  You do so by rolling yourself in paint and painting the various buildings in a city.  It's mad fun.  At one point I was playing it so much that, on seeing two tall grey apartment blocks while driving, my first instinct was that they needed to be painted. 

Anywho, the soundtrack is truly terrific.  Every level had it's own theme, but they all revolved around funk/reggae/afro-carribean music.  It's a little too fun to serve as writing music, but it's great to have in the background of just about any other activity.  I can't pick a single song, but the whole album is really worth a listen.  You can find it here.

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