Friday, February 6, 2015

Song of the week: "Go for soda" - Kim Mitchell

Kim Mitchell might be the gold standard for moderately successful rock stars.  After peaking in the mid-80s with hits like "Go for soda" and "All we are" (which I'm also partial to), he went on to work in broadcasting, and now he occasionally busts out his act for a Canadian casino tour.  He's also up there with Hugh Dillon and Gord Downie in the 'Bald Canadian Rock Star Club'.

"Go for soda" was in regular rotation on a station I used to listen to while making donuts at work.  I worked alone in a small corner of a grocery store bakery in a conservative Mennonite town, so I had to make sure that my rock and or roll wasn't too loud.  Frankly, I was happy they even let me have a radio. 

If I was in early (as I frequently was), I could listen to it a bit louder.  The other early morning bakers didn't really care that much, but one guy, for whatever reason, took a serious dislike to "Go for soda".  I never really got why.  Maybe he thought the message was mocking those who don't drink?  As far as I know that's not the case, and considering that Mitchell later agreed to let the song be used as part of an anti-drinking and driving campaign, it seems unlikely.

Whatever the reason, there's nothing like knowing someone's aggravation points, so whenever the song came on I turned it up and sang it at the top of my lungs to this guy (who was technically my boss).  And to this day, whenever I hear the song it brings a smile to my face.      

Also, holy Christ, this video... it's really something.

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