Friday, January 9, 2015

Song of the Week: "Wild Mountain Honey" - The Tragically Hip

New year, old(ish) song.  

I mostly know The Tragically Hip's oeuvre like the back of my hand, but Music @ Work, their 2000 release is a blind spot for me.  It came out when I was a definite fan, but before I could afford to just go out and buy albums when I wanted them.  I had to ration my birthday/Christmas presents, and I probably used those on butt rock, which was the style at the time.

Anyhow.  My ipod was on shuffle this week when I heard the opening notes of this song and didn't recognize it at all.  I guessed maybe Queens of the Stone Age, but was immediately surprised when Gord Downie's very recognizable voice started singing.  

I've been listening to the album all week, and it's unexpectedly great.  There are certain Hip albums (In Between Evolution, sorry Andrew) that are lesser Hip in my mind, although it's obviously a matter of taste.  Until this week, I kind of placed Music @ Work in that category.  I now realize I was wrong.  It's a sleeper, similar to Phantom Power, which also took a long time to grow on me.  

Ultimately, even if it was my own fault, it's a real pleasure to be able to be surprised by a band I've been listening to for 20 years. 

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